Reasons for Schools Abroad Still Use Chalk When Studying

Use Chalk When Studying

Not many of us know that in studying abroad, we still use chalk a lot. Is it still found in Indonesia or not? In ancient times, when markers were not as trendy as now, schools generally used chalk as a writing instrument to teach on the blackboard.

Then why do foreign schools still use lime? It is because of the following solutions that lime is still used:

1. Letters Look Big

Because the overseas class model is like in a cinema room, chalk is more suitable to be used because the font size is larger and clearly visible, and some students are usually attended by more than one class in certain courses.

2. Suitable For Geometric Drawing

For children, drawing techniques are a must, and drawing from chalk looks more comfortable because we can thicken and provide shading

3. More Durable

Compared to a chalkboard marker, of course, it is superior, although every time it gets dirty, you can clean it with a cloth, it can also be used more durable and long-lasting.

4. Doesn’t Reflect Light

Judging from the fact when using a marker board, light from the outside will bounce off and interfere with vision, right? Well, it’s very different from a chalk board that can dark mode.

Not everything that was long ago will be gone, right? So keep it which is good to maintain, and while it can be used for what is thrown away.