New Normal Students Still Studying Online?

Students Still Studying Online

The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) issued the Higher Education Pattern for the 2020/2021 academic year. With a guiding agenda for organizing early childhood learning, basic education, secondary education, higher education, Islamic boarding schools and religious education.

In this case, higher education academics will continue to start in August 2020 and the academic year of higher religious education 2020/2021 in September 2020. The learning method is carried out online in all zones, both theoretical and practical courses. Colleges only allow student activities on campus such as research in laboratories for theses, theses, dissertations and other practices if they meet the protocol healthy.

For education and madrasas, it is carried out in stages. With the provisions of face-to-face learning in boarding schools in the green zone, but not face-to-face learning during the first two months of the transition period.

“Currently 90 regencies with green zones are allowed to conduct face-to-face education, starting from SMP, SMA, SMK but with limited student capacity,” said Nadim.

This joint decision is definitely for the good of all of us. It seems that students have to prepare more quotas than usual, yes, guys.