Like Sleepy While Studying? Let’s Follow These 7 Tips To Not Sleepy Again

Tips To Not Sleepy Again

Learning is something that absolutely must be done by anyone. Since childhood, life is about learning. But who would have thought that learning is the most frightening specter for some people, especially students. For students or students, learning something very boring and uninteresting. Makes drowsiness, hunger, and even nausea.

But, you have to keep studying so that your future is bright and you get good grades in school. So that you don’t need to do the following and get a good quality study.

1. Sit Up Upright

Usually we will find a comfortable position to sit. But sometimes this is the way that often makes sleepiness attack. Try to sit up straight because it is associated with the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the nervous system that controls functions such as alertness. So that sleepiness will not come because you are always ready.

2. Make Light Movements Periodically

In addition to sitting up straight, try to walk occasionally or make light movements so you don’t get bored and then fall asleep. Also try to read at a pace as this can relieve stress. So if you don’t want to suddenly collapse due to the drowsiness that attacks while studying by just sitting down, try this one method.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

The next way is to keep the body hydrated. Causes of drowsiness such as fatigue or drowsiness are sometimes a sign of dehydration. Dehydration will not only use up energy, but it can also interfere with cognitive function, making learning difficult.

4. Eating Healthy Food

Some young people prefer to eat junk food than healthy food. whereas junk food can increase blood sugar levels and then suppress it so that the body feels weak, this is the cause of drowsiness that often strikes even when the stomach is full. Make sure you eat healthy foods, such as; protein from white fish, eggs, and meat; complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, nuts; healthy fats from avocado and salmon or peanut butter.

5. Active Learning

Currently, many learning methods are offered, ranging from learning by using books, the internet, learning videos or by using practical tools and materials. You can also look for other learning methods that are fun and according to your preferences so you don’t get bored of studying. Or at least invite friends to study in groups and make the study group fun, maybe with a question and answer process or with a quiz with prizes.

6. Turn on the Lights

Studying in dimly lit places can exacerbate fatigue and cause drowsiness. According to research, studying in a bright place can reduce sleepiness and increase alertness. In addition, studying with sufficient light will keep health eye.

7. Take care of your health

Exercise, eat regularly, eat healthy food, and get enough sleep so that you have a healthy body and a strong spirit. Learning not only requires you to use your brain, but also physically, which is why you have to take care of your health in order to study well.

Those are some learning tips to avoid drowsiness that is very disturbing. Hopefully you practice it because now we are back in school.